Eye Health 

Everyone’s vision changes over time. This is why it is important to have regular eye examinations.

These are some common eyesight issues we can help with:


Changes in our eyes are normally very gradual. This means you become used to that change. Regular eye tests are important to pick up any change in your vision as soon as possible before it affects you more seriously. As well as detecting whether your vision can be improved, your eye test can show a number of underlying health problems including diabetes, hypertension and some types of cancer.

Glasses should be made to your prescription and measurements. Ready-made reading glasses are basically magnifiers, some are of poor quality and have the potential to cause headaches and eye strain. Ready-made glasses should not be used without having an eye examination to ensure that your eyes are healthy.

There is no evidence to suggest this. The majority of people will need to wear glasses more as they get older. People tend to find that when they get their first pair of glasses their vision is so much clearer and more comfortable. They are then surprised when they take their glasses off that their vision is apparently worse than they remember. Their vision isn’t actually worse, they’ve simply become accustomed to seeing more comfortably with the glasses.

Regular examinations are an essential part of maintaining good eye health.
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