Patient’s eyesight saved after scan revealed detached retina

One of our patients is thankfully now recovering after needing sight-saving surgery.

Denise Ellis is a long-standing Woodhouse patient who came into the practice after she suddenly developed eyesight problems.

Denise takes up the story.

“I had gone to a concert with my grandchildren and was watching them on stage and noticed there was something wrong with my right eye. Through the bottom half of the eye, it was like looking under water, everything was blurry.

“I thought ‘perhaps I’m tired’ but the next morning the blurriness was still there and I knew there was something wrong. I got on the phone to Woodhouses and they booked me in for an appointment that day.

“Steve did an eye test and then a scan and said he’d get straight back to me with the results. Within two hours he was on the phone saying he thought the retina had detached and he was getting on to the hospital.

“Sure enough, Blackpool Vic confirmed the retina had totally detached and that I would need an operation almost immediately.

Denise had the surgery to reattach the retina – and her sight has gradually returned.

Stephen Woodhouse (left) and Paul Eastwood with the Optomap scanner

She said: “A week later, I was told the quickness of my going to the opticians and the quickness of the opticians had combined in the success of the retina being re-attached.

Hospital thought I would lose my sight

“They were very pleased with how it had turned out because they were concerned to begin with about how it had detached so severely. They thought I would lose my eyesight.

“The moral of this is to let people know. If your eyes are acting a bit strange, get to the opticians. Don’t leave it a week, don’t leave it a few days, just get to the opticians. That quickness can be the difference between eyesight and sight loss.

“I was lucky, I was a hair’s breadth off losing my sight. To me it’s like a miracle. Going from that fear of like a curtain coming down, to my sight coming back to what it has.

“I thank God every day that I can see and now I’ve been given the all-clear to drive.”

Denise has been with the practice for more than 50 years. As she is on one of our monthly eye care plans, we were able to did a routine Optomap scan, which revealed the retinal detachment.

Steve instantly recognised the severity of her situation. He spoke to the Vic’s on call ophthalmologist to set urgent treatment in motion.

For us, this demonstrates how precious eyes are and how, if there are any problems, it is important to speak with a professional as soon as possible.

As one of our M-Eye Care patients, Denise can access unlimited appointments with priority booking.

This provides a patient with the security of knowing that if there are any issues at all with their eyes, they have access to the best optical care supported by high-tech diagnostic equipment.

And we’re very pleased that on this occasion that combination has literally helped saved someone’s sight.