Contact lenses

Many people prefer the freedom of contact lenses over traditional glasses.

Whether your lenses are for everyday use, sport, or other physical activities, or to wear for a special occasion – we have the right selection for you.

Modern contact lenses are available in high-performance designs and materials so they are more comfortable than ever before. So whether this is your first time trying lenses or you’ve had them before and given up, we’ll find a lens that is right for your lifestyle.

Contact lenses are easier to put in and take out than many people think, as you can see in this video:

Johnson & Johnson

We choose to work with Johnson & Johnson as its lenses offer wearers the high-quality they deserve and guarantee the latest in technological developments.

Johnson & Johnson is committed to transforming the world’s vision. They strive to increase awareness of the importance of vision and eye care and to provide the world’s best vision correction choices.

Two-year guarantee

Our reassuring guarantee covers all adjustments and minor repairs, due to normal wear and tear, for a full two years from the date of purchase of complete glasses.

And our price promise guarantee means if you find an identical pair of glasses (frame and lenses) at a lower price within 60 days of purchase from a registered optical practice we’ll refund the difference.

Best Opticians in Blackpool

Routine eye examination appointments are available again, so if it’s been a while since your last one, please think about booking in. We have gone to extensive lengths to make the practice Covid-secure.
Please call us on (01253) 341955 or email and we can take you through our new procedures to get your eyesight checked.