Choosing your glasses

We know choosing a pair of glasses can be a daunting prospect – particularly if it’s your first time.

We’ve helped literally thousands of customers find the right pair for them taking into account a variety of factors.

As well as our years of experience we also make use of the latest technology to make sure your glasses are doing the best job for you.

The Essilor Visioffice is a great piece of technology that allows our customers to get the full benefit of modern lens designs and to go beyond the traditional fitting measurements that opticians have used.

It captures 3D measurements of your eyes, face, the glasses frame, your posture and the way in which you move your eyes. This information is then used to create custom lenses and a personalised Eyecode.

The lenses produced using this detailed data give users all round clarity like never before – and it only takes a matter of moments.

We will be open throughout the current lockdown for all your eyecare needs.
We have gone to extensive lengths to make the practice Covid-safe. You can read about them in the Latest News section.

Please call us on (01253) 341955 or email and we’ll get you booked in.