Sporty Kat’s kicking again

A keen amateur footballer is playing again after a potentially serious on field accident.

Kat Kelly was playing for Sunday side St Annes Ladies FC when she took a fierce blow which smashed her glasses into her face.

Kat was down for several minutes while she was checked over and was unable to continue.

Her regular glasses were in pieces, but fortunately we were able to help out and get Kat back playing.

We sorted an eye examination and fitted Kat out with specialist sports glasses – allowing her to return to action without fear of a repeat accident.

Kat with her new sports glasses

Winger Kat said: “The ball was travelling towards me pretty quickly as I was running towards it. It smacked me in the face and literally knocked me off my feet.

“There was a big crunch as my glasses shattered. I was fortunate nothing ended up in my eye.

“My face was numb and a teammate, who is a nurse, checked me out and put ice on it. It could have been a lot worse, I felt lucky I hadn’t got a broken nose or something.

“Sukie Woodhouse kindly offered to help me out with some Adidas sports glasses which have been great. They have given me more confidence to run around the pitch knowing that it isn’t going to happen again.”

Blackpool sports glasses: Footballer Kat Kelly suffers her accident

Kat took a fierce blow in the face

Sukie said she feared the accident might have been worse.

She said: “We’d always recommend that spectacle wearers playing impact sports either switch to contact lenses or specialist sports glasses. They are so much safer, they’re lightweight but super strong and offer high protection.

“Our daughter plays in the same team, so it was a pleasure to help out and we’re glad to see Kat back on the pitch again.”

→ We also supply sports goggles for children’s eye protection in accordance with the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) guidelines.