New lens partnership and highest tech for your prescription

We’re always looking for new innovations that ensure we can offer our patients the very best eyecare.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new partnership with lens specialist Optiswiss and its UK distributors DeepCove.

Optiswiss are leaders in the global manufacture of prescription lenses with more than 85 years of expertise and experience.

They are the number one lens manufacturer in Switzerland. Their team produce thousands of custom lenses daily for customers in more than 20 countries. And they use the very latest in measurement technology and lens manufacturing techniques to give wearers unbeatable clarity.

And it’s not only the quality of the lens manufacturing that’s got us so excited by this new partnership.

We are proud to be one of a handful of opticians in the UK to be using in our practice a high-precision measuring device, the Myopia Master from Oculus, which provides extremely accurate biometric data for lens manufacture.

No eyes are the same, each has its own shape and perfect vision means something different to each.

We don’t want to get too technical, but crucial measurements for creating the optimum lens for wearers include the eye length, the pivot point of the eye and pupil diameter.

The Myopia Master now used by Stephen makes these ultra-precise calculations for a 100% custom-fit spectacle lens. The measuring process takes only two minutes, is contactless and therefore painless.

Best of all, it results in a lens that completely suits the eye.

Among the things that impressed us about Optiswiss and its operation is the importance attached to production standards and dedication to offering innovative products and services.

We also share a commitment to driving standards on sustainability. Its hi-tech production process recycles water and uses the waste heat generated from the coating systems for warm water and for heating its base in Basel.

The most accurate lens technology, the best equipment and a commitment to sustainability – a perfect lens partner for Woodhouse Opticians and our patients.